Terms and Conditions



IMPORTANT – Please fully read and abide by all of our additional safety measures below, in addition to all regulations from local, state, and federal authorities.


1. Practice Social Distancing – All attendees must remain 6 feet apart.


2. The space is limited to 10 people in the studio at a time.


3. Have hand sanitizer with you, and wash hands frequently with warm water and soap for more than 20 seconds.


4. The Photo Lab will be cleaned and sanitized after every booking. Please be as clean as possible to make our life easier in maintaining the safety of both our staff and our guests.


5. Please have everyone wear masks that fully cover both their mouth and their nose.


6. If you are feeling sick, PLEASE CANCEL and do not arrive at the studio.




Any failure to comply with the policies, rules, and directions provided on this page will result in the loss of your security deposit as well as possible removal or banishment from the premises without refund. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


1. All renters must provide a valid state ID or passport along with the credit card used to book the session at the time of check-in.


2. Studios must be vacated on time. Set-up, breakdown, cleanup, and pack-up are all included in the reserved time that was scheduled and agreed to. If a renter or member of their group continues to stay in the studio past reserved hours, a fee of $30 per each 10-minute period beyond closing time will be imposed on the booking customer’s card. At the end of the session you must return the studio to its original condition.


3. At no time are customers to engage in any kind of unlawful activities while on the premises of The Photo Lab at Chromedge Studios, Chromedge Studios, or its surrounding properties and grounds.


4. If damage occurs due to deliberate, carelessness, or unwarranted behavior, the renter’s credit card will be charged for the damage, even if the cardholder did not personally damage any property. The cardholder is responsible for the entire party that accompanies them at our properties. If the credit card on file is not able to be charged for any reason, the renter hereby authorizes any other means of collection.


5. Cancellations and/or changes to your reservation must be made 7 days (168 hours) or more in advance of the scheduled reservation’s start time to receive a full refund. 3-6 days (72-167 hours) notice will qualify for a 50% refund, and any bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled reservation’s start time will not be refunded.


6. Please leave the studio as you found it…if cleaning/re-organizing/tuning/adjusting is necessary to return the studio to its original state, you may be charged a $20 cleaning fee. Smoking is not permitted inside the facility. However, customers may step outside at any time.


7. Please also note that The Photo Lab at Chromedge Studios are private spaces; however, there are security systems in place that include cameras. These cameras do not capture the insides of studio areas. Additionally, camera contents are never broadcast, shared, or used in any other way than to provide risk management for Chromedge assets, employees, and customers. Your privacy is just as important to us as your safety and The Photo Lab at Chromedge Studios agrees to this promise of privacy. You and any associates that are with you as the “booking party” are hereby notified of these security systems. Tampering or in any way manipulating security system equipment may result in criminal charges.




1. You must have the credit card used to book with you as well as your ID matching the name used for the reservation. The person who made the reservation must be present.


IMPORTANT – Upon check-in, your credit card will be held and charged a $200 Security Deposit, which will be refunded after management inspects the property to ensure adherence to the full Terms & Conditions. Additional charges may apply for damages and overages.


2. Upon arriving for your session there are 2 available parking lots:

Option 1 – Back Lot off of Rich St. located next to the external metal stairwell. (Next to the Vanderelli Room)

Option 2 – Gravel Lot in-between 400 West Rich and Chromedge Studios off of Lucas St.


3. Once you are here please call 614-636-3806 and a staff member will let you into the space.


4. Please be advised that the studio is on the 2nd floor and there are no elevators.


5. It is important that you prepare to tear down and pack up within your booked time slot to avoid overages.


The Photo Lab Usage Rules


1. Please return the studio back to the way that you found it. Place all furniture back in its original place.


2. No food on the couch, rug, or tv area.


3. Do not cut off backdrops without checking with the Studio Manager first.


4. Do not leave doors propped open and unattended.


5. Remove all trash.


6. Close all windows before leaving.


7. Roll up all backdrops when finished.


8. Do not venture into the rest of the studio spaces at Chromedge Studios or 400 West Rich.


9. Turn the lights off.


10. Do not remove any props or furniture from the Studio.


11. Be respectful and professional.