our chromedge studios family

Our Chromedge Studios Family consists of a wide variety of artists and creatives. To learn more about everyone, please explore their information below:

1. Julianne Irene


2. Good Girl Silver

Instagram @goodgirlsilver

Savannah Schultz


3. Kirsta Benedetti


4. Lauren Meader, Aldo Corona, and Gunner Samuelson


5. Kate Morgan and Allison Sponhaltz


6. Never Neue


6A. Hive Mind Holy Shroud, Davey Highben, and Blenkm Highben.


7. Dust Punks Vintage

IG – @DustPunks


8. Jason Johnston


9. Hailey Noll and Jacinda Gonzalez


10. Sophia Bolton


11. Becky Slonaker

IG – @paintartchic

IG – @inspireartcreativity

FB – Color My World

12. Nancy Smeltzer


13. Harry Acosta


14. Mr Robot Geek/Rob Williams and Bryant “Bee1ne” Anthony


15. Kris Howell


16. Mike Minnix – Good Land


17. SunflowerKate


18. James Drakeford


19. Dane Khy


20. Shawn Standifer


21. Fresh A.I.R. Gallery’s SEEN Studios


22. Bizmoto


23. Mary’s Bath Bombs

Etsy – Bath Bombs By Mary


24. Henry Hess


25. Emi Ceramics

IG – @emi_ceramics


26. Coley & Co Photography

Join The Family!

Fill out our form below to request a tour of an available studio, and we will get back with you shortly regarding a tour and the application process.
Please list a preferred budget for a studio. Please note that this does NOT guarantee your price. Studio pricing is based on square footage + location within the building.
Please list "none" if you do not have a site or social media. Feel free to follow up via email with photos of your work.
Multiple artists may use a space. If you anticipate sharing with someone else not listed on this contact form, please check box #1. Sometimes current tenants are looking for a studio mate. If this is of interest to you, please check box #2.