our chromedge studios family

Our Chromedge Studios Family consists of a wide variety of artists and creatives. To learn more about everyone, please explore their information below:

1. James Mericle and Nate Ricciuto


2. Brooke Zamudio



3. John Noel

FB – Noeldoubt Designs

Instagram @noeldoubt


4. Adam Lowe


5. Kate Morgan, Allison Sponhaltz, and Sean Sponhaltz


6. Tammi Rager

FB – The Brainchild Studio


6A. Caitlin Hay


6A. Lauren Carter Best


7. Sullivan Hull Depictions
Artist – Scott Everhart


8. Sue Cavanaugh


9. Mike Sullivan


10. Jennifer Morley


11. Rebecca Slonaker


12. Nancy Smeltzer


13. Judy Rush

14. Maureen Clark & Alison Stittsworth-Hall

FB – BRANCH by Alison
FB – Heart Therapy by Alison
FB – Custom ART parties
SOMO Art Studio


15. Dante Romano


16. Mike Minnix – Good Land


17.Harry Acosta


18. James Drakeford


19. John Thorne

The Stoic Mountain


20. Sean Martiez


21. Southeast Inc.


21. Jason van Hoose


22. Matthew Hoenie Artworks


22. ZenEarth Pottery


23. Brian Marcus


24. Henry Hess


25. Anna Kruse
Instagram @Ceramic_Beans


26. Jaclyn Fischer Clark

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If you would like to learn more, have a question about available space, or would like to get in touch with one of our current members, send us a message and someone will get back to you as soon as they can!